About Me

When I think about me, I think about a free-spirited, wild, passionate lady that has had some life experience from a pretty young age. I think about how I really don’t like talking about myself much because it feels uncomfortable and I can’t explain to you why, it just is. I know more about me than anyone, so you think it’d be the easiest thing to do, right? Yet I find myself deflecting and talking about anything but. I think I’m the type of person that loves to shine but not be directly in the light. I like to excel at the things I enjoy. I enjoy learning new things and seeing new places. I’m an avid hiker. One of my most memorable times is hiking The Appalachian Trail from New York, through Mass into Connecticut and I’d love to do the whole thing one day. I like to keep it simple; I believe complicated can get messy and who has time to clean in this fast-paced life we live?

                My past, well that gets a little tricky and sticky and I’m pretty sure the expression is “Don’t dwell on the past” or “Move on.” Let’s just say I have made some mistakes in my younger years just like everyone else, but I learned from them unlike some people which is extremely important. I had what some would label as a tough childhood. I struggled with abuse and mental health, but I got a handle on that. I believe it did make me a more open and honest person, a more accepting and appreciative kind of person.  

When I’m not spending time with my wonderful daughter and partner, I love writing about my adventures and experiences with trying out new things! I am always traveling to new places and testing out different stuff. I have a passion for learning and experiencing everything life has to offer. I also love to share these experiences with other people in hopes of connecting with and helping them in their adventures in life as well. I am a firm believer in the fact that everyone is different and it is a good thing to be such. That being said, different things will work for different people in different situations. Hopefully there is something for everyone in all of my writings that will help.